Suli, munka teszt
#Suli, munka

Angol középfokú nyelvvizsga teszt - No.39


Angolul tanulsz, és középfokú nyelvvizsgára készülsz? Gyakorolj nyelvi tesztünk segítségével! Válaszd ki a négy válasz közül a helyeset! Hogy mennyire teljesítettél jól, és hogy mi a helyes megoldás, a tesztsor kitöltése után megtudhatod.

1, I can't buy any lunch today because I _______ my money at home this morning.

2, At the International Food party, Shin Yi ________ out all the food that her friends had made but didn't eat anything else.

3, Flight BA-455 to Amsterdam is now ________ at Gate 16.

4, Look at that! That's dangerous. The driver didn't ________ before he turned off the road.

5, He listened to her plan, and ______ his head in agreement.

6, The first bar was quite busy, the second was really _______.

7, Alfred Hitchcock is one of my favourite _________. His films are great.

8, My school has decided to ________ . In the future, we are going to use low-power lights and stop wasting so much paper.

9, They've got an __________ range of shoes to choose from.

10, Your blood pressure is ___________ high. You need to eat less salt and do more exercise.

11, I ________ disagree with the idea of capital punishment. It's totally wrong.

12, This is Spielberg's most _____________ picture. Critics disagree almost violently about it.

13, Sam gets on well with everybody. She's a great _____ .

14, In just two months he managed to ________ up a £4000 bill with the stationery company.