Suli, munka teszt
#Suli, munka

Angol középfokú nyelvvizsga teszt - No.36


Angolul tanulsz, és középfokú nyelvvizsgára készülsz? Gyakorolj nyelvi tesztünk segítségével! Válaszd ki a négy válasz közül a helyeset! Hogy mennyire teljesítettél jól, és hogy mi a helyes megoldás, a tesztsor kitöltése után megtudhatod.

1, Turn left at the traffic ________ up ahead.

2, She sat down and elegantly __________ her legs.

3, When I told him the news he wasn't angry - he was bloody _______.

4, Twenty years ago, the air pollution was really bad in the city. But no all the cars run on ________ petrol so the air is clearer.

5, I'm afraid the pullover you wanted isn't _________ at the moment.

6, Nowadays, we all know that smoking can be _______ to our health and to other people's health.

7, Science has always depended on ___________ to determine if theories are really correct.

8, If you don't like my book. Why don't you read one of ________ ?

9, It's hard to find a place to visit with ________ tourists these days.

10, It was very hot in the morning, but in the afternoon there was cool, gentle ________ from the sea and it felt more comfortable.

11, In the first four months of 2010, the price of fresh fruit shot up ____________ .

12, Rebecca thought the little dog looked so cute that she ________ out and touched it, but it didn't like people and it bit her on the hand.

13, I'm so full I couldn't eat ________ more thanks. No dessert for me.

14, I'm not feeling _______ bad today thank you. I think my cold must be getting better.