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Angol középfokú nyelvvizsga teszt - No.25

Angolul tanulsz, és középfokú nyelvvizsgára készülsz? Gyakorolj nyelvi tesztünk segítségével! Válaszd ki a négy válasz közül a helyeset! Hogy mennyire teljesítettél jól, és hogy mi a helyes megoldás, a tesztsor kitöltése után megtudhatod.


1, It's ____ a pity you weren't here last night. We had a great time.

2, My sister's a real fan of Robbie Williams. She knows __________ about him.

3, The weather the first day was hot. The second day it was _______ - we stayed inside with the air conditioner on full.

4, I couldn't see anything because the person in front of me had his head in the ___.

5, I didn't enjoy the restaurant at all. I thought the food was a real _______ .

6, For homework, we had to ____ up a story ending with the words "and she never spoke to him again". It was easy. I wrote about my ex-girlfriend.

7, In the UK, what we can watch on TV is much more liberal than in the past, but even now some things are still ________ .

8, If you are going to ___ out in Bristol you will need to pay at least ten pounds per person and more if you have wine with the meal.