Suli, munka teszt
#Suli, munka

Angol középfokú nyelvvizsga teszt - No.5


Angolul tanulsz, és középfokú nyelvvizsgára készülsz? Gyakorolj nyelvi tesztünk segítségével! Válaszd ki a négy válasz közül a helyeset! Hogy mennyire teljesítettél jól, és hogy mi a helyes megoldás, a tesztsor kitöltése után megtudhatod.

1, The phones were very busy ______ the morning. I haven't had a moment to do anything else.

2, There you are. I've ____ wanting to talk to you all evening.

3, In the future, I think more people _________ electric cars that get their power from the sun.

4, If you are not the person to ____ this e-mail is addressed, opening the document will constitute a criminal offence.

5, I was used to live in a big house in the country but now I have a small city flat. (Spot the wrong word!)

6, Last night, between ten o'clock and midninght, I could clearly hear the couple in the flat next to mine. They ___________ an argument about what to watch on TV.

7, Please close the windows before you __.

8, Remember to brush your teeth before ___.

9, We'd better go before the weather ____ worse.

10, You ____ come and visit us when you are next in London.

11, A few days ago, Fernando's car broke down. But luckily it was fixed __ a man at the garage in only two hours.

12, I'm sorry I can't come to your party tomorrow night. __________ dinner with Cristina and Samara. Maybe I can come along afterwards.

13, My mother she wanted to rent a different house for the holiday this year. (Spot the wrong word!)

14, At the concert, all the parents ________ politely to the children trying to play their instruments.