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Angol középfokú nyelvvizsga teszt - No.2

Angolul tanulsz, és középfokú nyelvvizsgára készülsz? Gyakorolj nyelvi tesztünk segítségével! Válaszd ki a négy válasz közül a helyeset! Hogy mennyire teljesítettél jól, és hogy mi a helyes megoldás, a tesztsor kitöltése után megtudhatod.


1, Last week we ___ some snow in our city but it didn't stay on the ground for a long time.

2, The teacher wouldn't have written a test about conditionals if we ______________ them this week.

3, I'm really sorry about what I said earlier. I was ________ without thinking and I don't really think that you're difficult.

4, If I forget tomorrow, please remind me ______ my name on the list for the Crazy Golf event next Tuesday.

5, Please call me back later. I can't speak right now because I _________ an English lesson.

6, We went to a small place in ___ north of London.

7, Please don't ____ down to me. I'm not an idiot.

8, I won the second prize in the raffle, which was a(n) ____ of 24-year-old single malt whisky, six bottles altogether.